The Power of Magento 2 Social Login Extension

The Power of Magento 2 Social Login Extension

Online Business and Marketing are continuously growing, providing a good customer experience and a smooth flow of processes to make your store or business the first choice of customers. 

Magento 2 Social Logging Extention is the best choice for a business owner to make the store process smooth and easy for their valuable customers. We will explore the features and working process of the Magento 2 Social Logging Extension for your business.


In the e-commerce industry, users and customers face many challenges. Here, Elightwalk Gonna solve one of the most common and time-consuming challenges in the e-commerce industry: “user registration and login process.” 

Magento 2 Social Login Extension is the best tool for this challenge. This extension is designed to streamline authentication by integrating social media login options into your Magento 2 store. The smooth and robust feature of redirecting and directly logging into the account without hassle makes it a favorite extension for e-commerce store owners.

Streamlining Registration with Magento 2 Social Login:

The hallmark feature of the Easy social login for Magento 2 is its one-click social login functionality. This feature allows visitors to sign up or log in to your e-commerce store with a single click using their existing social media credentials. The one-click social login for Magento 2 offers robust control over the redirection process, providing users with a customized and branded experience.

Integrating social login in Magento 2 user registration becomes quick and effortless. Users can complete the registration process using their social media accounts, stopping the need for manual data entry and expediting their journey into your e-commerce ecosystem. 

Features & Functionalities of Magento 2 Login Extension

  • Enable customer social login or registration with just one click.
  • Registering a website is made quick and simple with Social Login.
  • Efficiently manage the redirection process.
  • Make data-driven choices with integrated analytics.
  • Make reports to attract customers who have enrolled to join social networks.
  • After logging in, set up an auto redirect to a particular page.
  • Choose where you want the social login bar.

Working process of Magento 2 Social Login Extention 

The main target of Magento 2 Social Login is to increase website registrations, thereby boosting lead generation and sales. This Magento 2 social login extension enables visitors to log in using social media account credentials instead of entering personal information.

With a convenient popup offering social networking login options, users can register on the site effortlessly using their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google credentials. This best social login plugin for Magento 2 improves the client process and contributes to better lead generation on the website. 

The Magento 2 Social Login Extension has integrated analytics tools that collect valuable insights into user interaction. With the efficient Magento 2 social login setup, Track user registrations, login preferences, and social media platforms most commonly used by your audience. 

Why is Magento – Social Login The Right Choice For Your E-Commerce Business?

Choosing a secure social login Magento 2 extension for your e-commerce business is a strategic decision. This extension helps you drive more customer engagement and increase conversions.

Here are the compelling reasons why Magento 2 social connect extension is the right choice for e-commerce business:

High-Quality E-commerce Experience:

Magento 2 Social Login Extension is designed to improve your customer’s e-commerce experience. This extension eliminates the need to create multiple accounts and remember login credentials by allowing visitors to log in using their personal social media accounts such as Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Boost Shopping Experience:

They are maximizing conversions with Magento 2 social login by improving the login and registration process of the online store. With a smooth integration of social media accounts, customers can easily access their favorite products and make purchases without hassle. 

Increase Web Traffic:

The convenience of social login can attract more visitors to your online store. Users are more likely to engage with your platform if the authentication process is user-friendly and quick.

Smooth and Secure Login Process:

Magento Social Login Extension streamlines the login process, allowing customers to log in with their preferred social media accounts like Gmail, Facebook, and Linkedin. 

Magento 2 Social Login extensions to consider:


Magento 2 Social Login not only improves your customer experience but also helps your store rank on the online platform. With the smooth and simplified login process, Magento 2 Social Login increases your customer base and boosts your store’s shopping experience.

Expanding customer reach with social login in Magento 2 by implementing the easy login process in an e-commerce store. If you want a mobile-friendly social login for Magento 2, this is the right choice for your e-commerce store. 

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