Now Google Play Subscription by UPI Autopay

Now Google Play Subscription by UPI Autopay

Google Introduced UPI Autopay as a payment option for subscription-based purchases on Google Play in India.

What is UPI AutoPay?

UPI AutoPay is a payment service that helps people pay their recurring bills automatically on a predetermined date. Through UPI automatic payment an individual can automate the monthly payments of a fixed amount that will be deducted from the account on a particular date. UPI AutoPay is a brilliant initiative taken by NPCI that lets its customers make recurring payments using UPI-linked bank accounts.

How to activate UPI AutoPay for Google Play subscriptions?

Google Play has described how users can activate UPI AutoPay. Once a subscriber selects a subscription plan, they need to tap on the payment method and select the ‘Pay With UPI’ option. Then, they have to approve the purchase of the selected product on their supported UPI app.

Benefits of UPI AutoPay

1) Payments on due date avoiding late fees/penalty

2) Subscribers can customize payment options (such as monthly and quarterly etc.) and amounts they want to pay for subscriptions.

3) Customers can also modify/revoke/pause features as and when required

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