NASA launches Artemis I moon mission

NASA launches Artemis I moon mission

NASA launches Artemis I moon mission

NASA launches the Artemis I moon mission successfully on November 16, 2022, from the Kennedy Space Center at 1:47 am ET.

This is the first time, the NASA SLS rocket and Orion Spacecraft have flown together.

The SLS has never flown before. Two previous launch attempts, one in late August and another in early September, were waved off because of technical issues.

The first attempt was a faulty engine sensor valve and persistent leaks of the liquid hydrogen the SLS uses as fuel.

There was another attempt that was canceled because of Hurricane Ian.

After this successful mission, NASA will put astronauts on the next mission and land the first woman and first person of color on the moon.

What is the purpose of the Artemis 1 mission?

The main objective was to test the Orion spacecraft, especially its heat shield, in preparation for subsequent Artemis missions. These missions seek to re-establish a human presence on the Moon and demonstrate technologies and business approaches needed for future scientific studies, including the exploration of Mars.

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Image Credit: NASA’s official site.

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