Vikram-S rocket

India’s First Private Build Rocket Launched Successfully

In a historic event, India’s first Private build Vikram S rocket was launched successfully into space.

This Vikram S rocket of Skyroot Aerospace launch happened from Sriharikota on November 18, 2022, at 10:30 AM IST.

This mission was termed Prarambh or the new beginning. In the future, this will help ISRO to launch more and more Satellites in Space with the help of this type of private rocket launch.

This is the first entry rocket of Skyroot Aerospace which is a 4-year-old Company named Vikram-S. ISRO has helped Skyroot Aerospace to launch its Rocket in Space.

Skyroot Aerospace has 3 types of Rockets at present depending on weight and mission type. Those three Rockets are termed Vikram 1, Vikram 2, and Vikram 3.

We will see further launches from Skyroot Aerospace in the coming days. Hope the future is bright for Private Sector Aerospace Companies.

About Vikram-S Rocket

The Vikram-S Rocket is a single-stage solid fuelled, sub-orbital rocket developed over two years by incorporating advanced technologies that include carbon composite structures and 3D printer components.

Vikram S Rocket

The Vikram-S Rocket is equipped with a gross lift-off mass of 545kg, and a payload mass of 80kg. Vikram-S carried three customer payloads which will map the measurement and validation of certain flight parameters and payload integration processes.

About Skyroot Aerospace

The Skyroot firm was launched in June 2018 by two engineers Pawan Kumar Chandana and Naga Bharath Daka. The firm aims to open space for all, he is pushing the boundaries of today’s techno. It is working towards a future where space becomes a part of our lives and claims that such a transition will transform humankind like never before.

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